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by Anonymous gave Lee Road Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Respect and clarity

I had to see the doctor about an embarrassing condition and was treated with great courtesy and respect. Things were clearly explained. I could not have been better treated.

Visited in May 2017, Posted on 22 May 2017

by Anonymous gave Lee Road Surgery a rating of 5 stars

A first-class practice

My husband and I have been patients at this practice for 52 years, since we moved into the area in 1964. In all that time, through a variety of health issues, including two cancers (one each, breast and bladder) and various other surgical procedures for all of which we've been referred promptly and knowledgeably, it has been an altogether satisfactory experience.

We have been through several GPs (half a century is a long time) and they've all been professional, efficient, and caring. We've been happy with them all, but our current doctor whom we've been with for the past six years, has been the best by a long way. All GPs work hard, as we know, but this doctor invariably goes the extra mile. We sometimes have to wait for an appointment with them, because they are deservedly popular, but they are always available to talk or email. My husband, who is now 94, has serious ongoing health problems now, and our GP has often phoned us after hours to check on him and talk things over.

It's hard to praise this practice highly enough, and I've given it five stars in every category. But if I could give it a sixth star, I would, for all the extra support we've had over the last six years from our GP

Visited in February 2017, Posted on 22 February 2017