Private Fees

Certain services provided by the doctors are not covered by the NHS.  The principal items and the fees charged to patients are listed below.  If you would like more information, please ask at Reception. 

Certificates And Forms

 Private Medical Certificate  £20.00
 Vaccination Certificate  £25.00
 Fit to Travel Certificate (no examination)  £25.00
 No contra-indication to Participate e.g. parachuting (no examination)  £25.00
 Private Health Insurance e.g. BUPA / PPP  £25.00
 Sickness / Accident claim form  £25.00

Patient Access to Medical Records Under Data Protection

 Access to records computer - view only                                                   £10.00
 Computer and manual - max fee  £50.00
 Copies minimum charge  £10.00
 Photocopying per sheet  £0.35p

Reports – fees are time dependent – guidelines as follows:

 Extract from records (15 mins)                                                               £50.00
 Pro-forma report (20 mins)  £70.00

Medical Examinations:

 Sports medicals, e.g. scuba-diving, racing driving, HGV                                         £95.00
 Pre-employment examination  £125.00

Private Consulations:

Private Consultations - fees are time dependent per 10 minutes                 £40.00