Doctaly Assist  - Remote Patient Monitoring

The service has been created by the NHS and Doctaly to help monitor patients at home who have certain longterm conditions such as asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

It is designed to help NHS healthcare professionals safely manage and monitor these patients without the patients needing to physically visit a GP practice.

What is Doctaly Assist?

Doctaly Assist is the technology platform that the above Service uses; the platform has been developed in partnership with the NHS, Kings College London and Imperial College.


How does it work?

If your doctor feels that you should be monitored, with your consent you will be invited to use the service.

You will receive clinical assessment reminders via WhatsApp, asking you a series of questions about your condition and how you are feeling.

Your responses will always be reviewed by a healthcare professional and if necessary, you may be contacted directly via chat, phone or video.

Do I have to use Doctaly Assist?

Not at all, if you do not wish to use this service then that is fine.

Will this change how I book appointments with my GP?

No, you will continue to access your GP as normal for booking appointments etc.

This service is in addition to the existing services your GP provides.

Where does the information I provide go?

The information that you provide will be shared with your registered GP practice who are monitoring your condition.

It will not be shared with anyone else without your explicit permission.

How often will I have clinical assessments?

Based on your condition, your doctor will decide how often you should complete your clinical assessments.

The frequency of assessment can vary from daily, to annually depending on your situation. In addition, if you are feel that your symptoms have worsened, you can message the service and take an assessment immediately.

What happens if I lose my phone or cannot access WhatsApp for some reason?

Please don’t panic if you lose your phone or are unable to access WhatsApp for any reason.

If you send an email to with your details (full name/DOB/previous phone number), we will get you transferred over to a new number as quickly as possible.