Self Referral for NHS Hearing Aid(s)

Patients can now self-refer to community adult audiology services if they require an NHS funded hearing aid(s).
The SEL Community Adult Audiology is available to patients:

  • Who are Registered with a SEL GP Practice
  • Who are Over 18 Years of Age
  • Who are suitable for the Community Adult Audiology service
  • Meet certain criteria (to find out, please complete the self assessment below)

 To find out if you meet the criteria to self-refer, please visit Patient Self-Assessment for Suitability for Community Adult Audiology Service (

Below are the providers that you can self refer to (subject to the eligibility criteria)

Catford Specsavers Limited 130-134 Rushey Green SE6 4HQ 020 8466 9666

Lewisham Specsavers Limited 174 Lewisham High Street SE13 6JL 020 8466 9666

Sydenham Specsavers Limited Sydenham Sainsburys, Southend Lane SE26 4PU 020 8466 9666